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March 09, 2007


Jim C

I'm not a lawyer, and know little to nothing about the law... but, wouldn't you get into jurisdictional issues with appointing an out of state special prosecutor?

Jim C

Dale Kim Thorup

The Colorado Supreme Court Attorney Regulation Counsel and Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline do not serve to protect the public from corrupt attorneys, magistrates, and judges. Instead they serve to screen those individuals from the complaints of an otherwise defenseless public. Obviously they seek to hold those corrupt individuals to a lower standard than that prescribed by law and to which they would hold the citizenry, they purport to serve, accountable.

Bryan Cary

It is a sad commentary, yet frightening, to realize that we can consider the FBI, CIA and State Patrol as more of a friend and defender from injustice than we can the lawyers and judges in the Justice Department. The descriptive words 'judicial independence' no longer mean a fair and impartial justice system, but, instead, it means independence from the rule of law within the justice system. Even State Attorney Generals must tremble at the prospect of taking on a Judge, much less a Chief Justice.
Bryan C

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